Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I got my very first tattoo today!! Yes, it hurt and yes I plan to get at least one more and yes it will  hurt worse because of where I plan to get the next one.

ReAnna over at Blackbird Studio's did it and I love it!! The worst part was when she had to line the bottom by the owls feet and some of the harts in the center and the outlining but the coloring and such didn't hurt as much.  It was an awesome experience and I am sooo glad I got it done.

This tattoo is for my babes, including those I lost. The boys are the green-blue heart and the girls are the purple ones and the babes I never got to hold are the grey harts. My next tattoo will be below my neck on my back and will represent hubs and I (dragons intertwined with a heart) I am looking forward to getting that one done either in September or October.

Do you have a tattoo? Did it hurt? Did you catch the fever and want tons more done after getting your first?


  1. I love it! What a neat idea! I actually had a friend draw me a fairy one, but it was SO huge that I chickened out :-(

    1. I am planning on getting another tattoo and it will be 2-3 times bigger then this one I am thinking I may or may not get it...we'll see in a month.


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