Saturday, March 1, 2008

{Shadow is hilarious!}

Ok, so as you know we have 2 gerbils - Shadow (black) and Stewart (white). Well Shadow loves to run on her wheel and it's usually annoying because it's loud and she usually does it at night when there is no noise. Mostly I think to just get on my nerves. Ha, ha. Well tonight after I cleaned out their home, (we got them 2 Habitrails with tubes that connect them and make for interesting places for them to go - it's fun to watch them roam the tubes). Shadow decides to run on her wheel and she is going so fast that she musta missed stepped or something and went flying from the wheel - I laughed out loud when I saw it (horrible I know, laughing at her misery and stunned look. I did check to make sure she was ok and it looked as though Stewart came down the tube to laugh at her but she took after him and they started to "fight". It was so funny and the best laugh in some time. Just thought I would share since I am just sitting here waiting for William to finish his D&D game - watching the news and the gerbils.

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