Tuesday, March 25, 2008

{Trip to the Children's Museum}

So I told the kids that if they wanted to go to the children's museum in portland they had to clean their room. This was told to them on Sunday. Well, today Aaron started cleaning the room and got it all clean. He said Ruth and Sam helped but really I know he did it all himself. I believe Sam and Ruth just played while he cleaned.

We went to the Children's museum this afternoon. We took the max down to the museum. It wasn't really as fun for me as it was for the kids. They enjoyed it - I didn't. I know I should have but really they wouldn't listen and it was a struggle to keep them in line. To top it off my camera is trying to die on me so I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked for sure.

Anyways, here are the pictures that did turn out. enjoy!

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