Saturday, March 22, 2008


William left this morning to keep my mom company on her trip to Idaho. The kids were horrible for most of the day, but ya know what - For the last 2 hours the kids have been great. I found a couple of movies they hadn't seen in a while and now they are vegging out watching their movies. I am even going to just let them crash in front of their tv tonight. I really don't want to deal with a huge fight to get them into bed.

I did get some stuff shifted around in our bedroom and will finish it up tomorrow and work on getting the rest of the house in order. At least I hope to have it all in order by the time William returns on Wednesday. Spring break is this week too so I am hoping that if it's nice we will hit the Max and run to vent some steam at the children's museum. But it all depends on the weather - if the weather man is right we won't get anything but rain - I hope he's wrong.

Well, I promised the kids popcorn so I better go and make some. Later all.

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