Friday, March 7, 2008

{Sam turned 5!!}

Sam had a great birthday - in the morning I went and took cupcakes and balloons to Sam's class. He was super excited about it - especially about the cupcakes! (Who wouldn't be excited about cupcakes?) After class Sam played and destroyed the balloons that were his to destroy - I just wish he could have waited until after his party. Oh well, live and learn I guess.

We took Sam to Chuck E. Cheese for his birthday party later that evening. He had a blast and 2 of his friends from school came and they all had tons of fun. Ruth followed Chuck E. Cheese everywhere and as soon as Aaron got his tokens he was off to play the racing games and speed racer games. Sam just chased after one of the girls who came and they played games and such. Robbie, Isaiah and Tanis were there too. Between them and William they got close to 1,000 tickets. It was fun to watch them play and have a good time.

We went home with 3 very excited and tired children and as soon as we got into the house Sam stripped down to his undies - I swear he's going to be a nudist or something when he gets older...ha, ha. He then got to open all his presents at home. He was excited about it and enjoyed it a lot. He really did have a great time. He and his brother and sister slept well that night.

Below are the pictures from the party and after - Enjoy!!

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