Sunday, March 16, 2008

{Hurt myself}

I know I haven't written in a few days - might even be more like a week. I have been finding real life to be a bit more stressful then normal and it requires more of my time these days.

Let's see, I took William up to Ft. Lewis earlier this month to get his post op appointment - it went well - glad I rented a van because I knew mine just wouldn't make it. Also the van I rented was newer and the back seats folded down into the floor giving William a nice place to lay down when we got there early so he wouldn't get sick while we were there. He has some fluid build up where they did the surgery and the doc says that is normal and we are to come back next month to make sure the fluids absorbed back into the brain. Then we should only have to go back in 6 months, then 12 months then every 24 months for the rest of his life.

My daycare provider, love her and she only lives just on the other side of our apartments, gave me a toddler bed with a mattress for Ruth. She knew I was looking for one and knew I didn't have a ton of space and when she got her boys new bunkbeds her 2 year old got her middle son's old bed and so she passed on his bed to us. That was super nice of her for sure! Ruth loves it and I have to keep constant watch that the boys and her don't jump on it because I don't want it to get broken!

I had parent teacher conferences (PTC) on Wednesday for the boys. Both teachers had nothing but good things to say. After the PTC I did go to their book fair and picked up a few more books that would be good for Aaron to read and be fun for the kids to hear William or I read. Love the book fairs because the books are always new and priced like a thrift store. Gotta love that!

Early this morning I woke up to searing pain on the right side of my neck, shoulders and mid back - causing a massive migraine and I am still in horrible pain. I can bearly move my neck in either direction and any movement shoots pain into my low back. I know I musta twisted or something horrible in my sleep. A hot shower with my shower head on pulse didn't help and William rubbing my back didn't help either it only made it worse. I am glad I know how to type without looking at the keyboard because if I had to shift while doing this I would be in sooooo much pain and would have to quit. Thank goodness for typing classes in highschool.

I have been able to hang out with my sister lately, alot more then normal. It's been rather nice too. I enjoy her company and miss spending time with her. I also miss spending time with all my family. It seems life for all of us has gotten so busy. My mom goes to school full time and works too. (Congratulate her when you see her because she got into the Nursing program at PSU!!) My sister goes to Nursing School full time and works too. Her hubby works full time and my dad works over in newport and is only home on the weekends. My brother's BF works full time too and my brother is in prison and I haven't been able to visit him since William's surgery. I am hoping that sometime soon we will all get together one day a week and have family dinner. We always talk about it but something always comes up. Isn't that just how it always is?

Well I got to go kids are hungry and want lunch now. Hope you all are having a great weekend.

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