Thursday, July 31, 2008

{Positive Perspective: Day Seven}


1. I rearranged the front room with William's help.

2. I got 2 loads of clothes done today & put away!!

3. I got to watch Oprah today - it was all about people winning alot of money and where & how they changed. Either for the good or for the worse.

4. It was validated that money doesn't make you happy but having loved ones does.

5. I learned that alot of people don't think about how to spend all that money and never think it will run out and end up spending it all.

6. The first thing I would do - IF we got a winfall - would be to pay off our debts and buy a house first. Then share the wealth.

7. William shared with me the innards of the d&d game - things to come. But don't try to ask me whats going to happen because it's a secret - shhhh...

8. I got to enjoy the kids while we made lunch together. Messy but fun.

9. Tomorrow we are going to do lunch at the park & play, play, play.

10. Talked with my mom. I always enjoy our talks.

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