Saturday, March 29, 2008

{Positive Perspective: Again!}

Yes, it is now time to start up doing another round of positive perspective. I am finding that I erase most of my blogs before publishing them anymore because of the negativity spewing from my keyboard to the screen. I know hard to believe that I could be anything other then chipper, right? lol. Anywho, I am in need of a change of perspective, so here goes.


1. I got up and danced with the kids today - wiggled my hips and danced like a fool. you should have seen the glee on the kids faces as we twirled and jiggled to the music. Our hips flipping and flopping all over the place to the soothing and fun sounds coming from my computer.

2. Because of some mix up with netflix they are sending me two extra discs - so this means by monday I will have all 4 of the season two of dead like me. YEAH!! I only have disc two of season two and can't watch it unless I have disc one first - it was a pleasant surprise to find out they will be shipping all the discs left for season two and disc one too and at no cost. YEAH!!

3. My visit teacher came over today. She is from Armenia and is a wonderful caring woman that I have come to be dear friends with. she brought over some baklava that she made special for William. It was awesome to chat with her and she even got a treat - Aaron read to her one of his books. She just loved it! I always enjoy my visits with my visit teachers.

4. William's replacement phone came today - finally he has a phone again. His last one found it's way into the washer and wouldn't work afterwards - seriously they need to make a waterproof phone that is also kid, dog and William proof! lol

5. I was able to go thru some boxes my mom brought back from her trip to Idaho of my grandparents things. It brought up lots of memories seeing their things and remembering. The memories just swirled all around my mind. It was so nice to feel so close to them again.

6. When I got back home William laid his head down on my lap and fell asleep. It was a wonderful moment. Even though it didn't last long because the kids decided to break their lamp in their room. It was still one of those "perfect moments".

7. I got the gerbils mansion cleaned out today without Ruth trying to help the gerbils escape. (which she is always doing every chance she can get because she wants to "hold" them lol. we all know that means squish)

8. I was able to comfort a friend today whose mother is in the hospital due to a heart attack and is now on her way to be with her. She comforted me during my ordeal with William and I am glad I could do the same for her during this very trying time for her. My thoughts and prayers go with her and her family during this time.

9. I made a great dinner - even if I do say so myself. I cooked some nice pilaf rice and some chicken tenders and steamed some green beans. Everyone liked it - amazing because the boys haven't liked much of anything lately.

10. I am happy being a mother, wife and photographer.

11. I hope to find a new camera (either make payments or save up for a new one) my old one is dying...isn't it just my

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

{Trip to the Children's Museum}

So I told the kids that if they wanted to go to the children's museum in portland they had to clean their room. This was told to them on Sunday. Well, today Aaron started cleaning the room and got it all clean. He said Ruth and Sam helped but really I know he did it all himself. I believe Sam and Ruth just played while he cleaned.

We went to the Children's museum this afternoon. We took the max down to the museum. It wasn't really as fun for me as it was for the kids. They enjoyed it - I didn't. I know I should have but really they wouldn't listen and it was a struggle to keep them in line. To top it off my camera is trying to die on me so I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked for sure.

Anyways, here are the pictures that did turn out. enjoy!

Saturday, March 22, 2008


William left this morning to keep my mom company on her trip to Idaho. The kids were horrible for most of the day, but ya know what - For the last 2 hours the kids have been great. I found a couple of movies they hadn't seen in a while and now they are vegging out watching their movies. I am even going to just let them crash in front of their tv tonight. I really don't want to deal with a huge fight to get them into bed.

I did get some stuff shifted around in our bedroom and will finish it up tomorrow and work on getting the rest of the house in order. At least I hope to have it all in order by the time William returns on Wednesday. Spring break is this week too so I am hoping that if it's nice we will hit the Max and run to vent some steam at the children's museum. But it all depends on the weather - if the weather man is right we won't get anything but rain - I hope he's wrong.

Well, I promised the kids popcorn so I better go and make some. Later all.

Friday, March 21, 2008

{Dinner with Curt & Jane}

We had a nice visit and dinner with William’s dad Curt and his wife Jane. Of course the kids were not on their best behavior - not even their tolerable behavior - but we did seem to get some conversation going and it was so great to see them. It has been close to a year since we saw them last so it was a nice surprise when they called to say they were going to be in the area for a short while. I was able to snap a few images after our dinner before they headed back to their hotel for a nice and needed rest after their loooong drive the past few days. Enjoy!! And yes that is a scrapbook page too of all the images.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

{Hurt myself}

I know I haven't written in a few days - might even be more like a week. I have been finding real life to be a bit more stressful then normal and it requires more of my time these days.

Let's see, I took William up to Ft. Lewis earlier this month to get his post op appointment - it went well - glad I rented a van because I knew mine just wouldn't make it. Also the van I rented was newer and the back seats folded down into the floor giving William a nice place to lay down when we got there early so he wouldn't get sick while we were there. He has some fluid build up where they did the surgery and the doc says that is normal and we are to come back next month to make sure the fluids absorbed back into the brain. Then we should only have to go back in 6 months, then 12 months then every 24 months for the rest of his life.

My daycare provider, love her and she only lives just on the other side of our apartments, gave me a toddler bed with a mattress for Ruth. She knew I was looking for one and knew I didn't have a ton of space and when she got her boys new bunkbeds her 2 year old got her middle son's old bed and so she passed on his bed to us. That was super nice of her for sure! Ruth loves it and I have to keep constant watch that the boys and her don't jump on it because I don't want it to get broken!

I had parent teacher conferences (PTC) on Wednesday for the boys. Both teachers had nothing but good things to say. After the PTC I did go to their book fair and picked up a few more books that would be good for Aaron to read and be fun for the kids to hear William or I read. Love the book fairs because the books are always new and priced like a thrift store. Gotta love that!

Early this morning I woke up to searing pain on the right side of my neck, shoulders and mid back - causing a massive migraine and I am still in horrible pain. I can bearly move my neck in either direction and any movement shoots pain into my low back. I know I musta twisted or something horrible in my sleep. A hot shower with my shower head on pulse didn't help and William rubbing my back didn't help either it only made it worse. I am glad I know how to type without looking at the keyboard because if I had to shift while doing this I would be in sooooo much pain and would have to quit. Thank goodness for typing classes in highschool.

I have been able to hang out with my sister lately, alot more then normal. It's been rather nice too. I enjoy her company and miss spending time with her. I also miss spending time with all my family. It seems life for all of us has gotten so busy. My mom goes to school full time and works too. (Congratulate her when you see her because she got into the Nursing program at PSU!!) My sister goes to Nursing School full time and works too. Her hubby works full time and my dad works over in newport and is only home on the weekends. My brother's BF works full time too and my brother is in prison and I haven't been able to visit him since William's surgery. I am hoping that sometime soon we will all get together one day a week and have family dinner. We always talk about it but something always comes up. Isn't that just how it always is?

Well I got to go kids are hungry and want lunch now. Hope you all are having a great weekend.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

{Scrap Attack}

Ok, so since doing my last book about 2007 pictures I decided to keep up on each month with a scrapbook feeling pages so when I print the book next year it will be more me and personalized. Here are a few pages I finished. I will share each page as it's finished.

Don't worry I will post the images the same as always when I edit them but in conjuncture with those I will also post my "scrap" pages as well.


Friday, March 7, 2008

{Sam turned 5!!}

Sam had a great birthday - in the morning I went and took cupcakes and balloons to Sam's class. He was super excited about it - especially about the cupcakes! (Who wouldn't be excited about cupcakes?) After class Sam played and destroyed the balloons that were his to destroy - I just wish he could have waited until after his party. Oh well, live and learn I guess.

We took Sam to Chuck E. Cheese for his birthday party later that evening. He had a blast and 2 of his friends from school came and they all had tons of fun. Ruth followed Chuck E. Cheese everywhere and as soon as Aaron got his tokens he was off to play the racing games and speed racer games. Sam just chased after one of the girls who came and they played games and such. Robbie, Isaiah and Tanis were there too. Between them and William they got close to 1,000 tickets. It was fun to watch them play and have a good time.

We went home with 3 very excited and tired children and as soon as we got into the house Sam stripped down to his undies - I swear he's going to be a nudist or something when he gets older...ha, ha. He then got to open all his presents at home. He was excited about it and enjoyed it a lot. He really did have a great time. He and his brother and sister slept well that night.

Below are the pictures from the party and after - Enjoy!!

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