Wednesday, July 29, 2009

{What's up with ME!}

Well, most of you know that there was no heartbeat at my 12 week apt. so they got me into see the ultrasound tech. When I didn't see a heart beat on the monitor I knew something was wrong and especially when she wouldn't tell me anything and sent me off to my own doctor, who told me what I suspected.

After five days I called the doctor and asked if they would just do a D&C since my body wasn't wanting to let go (this was yesterday) and he scheduled me for the D&C today @ 3:30 pm.

My dear friend, Michelle, took me in and waited, to my delight, until I was all done and ready to go (about 6 hours). It was a real blessing and comfort to have her there with me in the room before and after the surgery. I know how busy she is preparing for her daughters baptism and other things in her very busy life. It was such a delight and pleasure and blessing for her to stay with me, because even though I was prepared to do this alone, I really wasn't and having her with me brought me such peace.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I am truly grateful to have such a great friend living so near to me.

Thank you to all my dear friends who sent me well wishes and comforting words. They brought peace and comfort to my soul and reminded me who my true friends are. YOU ALL ROCK!!!

So in October, we can start trying again to have another baby. Let's hope that this one takes and wants to stay with me to the end. ((BIG HUGGS)) to everyone!!

Thank you all again...

P.S. I won a give-a-way this week too! I found out on one of my lower days and it sure perked me up like you wouldn't believe. It's so nice to win something sometimes.


  1. Hang in there! Glad I could be there for you today....I am gonna get you one of those built in potties for under your kitchen sink! :)

  2. Arya...I am so sorry! I had a very similar experience a few years back. It doesn't matter how far along you lost a little one you planned on having. My heart and prayers are with you! Hang in there. I still think about it every year on the due date.

  3. This just saddens me greatly Arya. I have understanding in this. I am just aching for you right now.

    I hope all goes well I just am so very sorry.


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