Friday, January 14, 2011

{2011 Weigh In: Week 2}

No change in my weight from last week to this week (my scale died a few days ago but now it's working again - guess it just needed dried out). I do have some changes in my measurements though, some for the good and others not so much. I haven't been eating right at all (tons of stress eating). Been lots of stress and such and I hope that this next week will work out for the best and I can lose the 5" I added on my waist and lose some weight and not let the stress take hold of what I eat!

Week 1 weigh in: 280.5 pounds

Week 2 weigh in: 280.5

weight loss/gain: 0 pounds

Measurements ( the ones in black are from the start and the ones in red are from today)

51" breast - 51" - same
42" waist - 47"  - added 5" (ack!!! now I am wondering how accurate my metal tape measure is)
57" hips - 56" - minus 1"
17" flabby upper arms - 17" - same

Be sure to follow me and others as we strive to become healthier in 6 months on Angie's "Healthier Me" Blog (I will be posting more often with my struggles and triumphs there, so come check it out!!).

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  1. I'd say you're doing ok, all things considered, but go get a regular tape measure! There's no way you gained 5" in a week. (Oh and cute pic of Ruth in the shirt!)


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