Monday, January 17, 2011

{New Do and Snaps}

"Hey Ruth. Can I cut your hair?" Sam asked innocently.

"Sure, just make me look pretty and not like a boy." Ruth said.

While the missionaries were giving Aaron a discussion lesson, Ruth comes down and states "Sam cut my hair on purpose" with a bit of a whine in her voice (trying to get her brother into trouble). 

"It's ok, I will straiten it up so you don't look silly" I say as I wisks her to the bathroom where Ruth tells me "Sam asked me if he could cut my hair, maybe I shouldn't have let him do it"

I start cutting and Ruth squeaks softly, with a tear in her eye "You won't be able to put my hair up in pony tails anymore, will you?" I shook my head and told her "No honey, it's too short now, but you will still look pretty." to which Ruth replied "I shouldn't have said "yes" to Sam"

(she was still a bit sad about her hair being short)

(but soon that sadness disappeared and she posed happily for the camera)

(I am glad she has curly hair 'cause it hides the imperfections)

While MJ is happy and cooing I decide to take a few snaps of her...She is such a happy baby, but can be cranky when she wants to be too.

(she has such long lashes)

(whose there?)

I wanted to capture a few of Ceasar and our new dog, Alex, together. They really didn't want to cooperate but I got them to do it anyways...Aren't they just too cute!!

(both a bit timid with each other still)

(sizing one another up)

(Look at me!)

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  1. ooh i remember the far-too-many-to-count times that my kids have cut each others hair! with boys its easier though, just shave it all off! lol

    mj has such beautiful eyes and her lashes are just precious!! :)


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