Saturday, April 28, 2012

{Girls Night}

I got myself all ready to go out with one of my good friends for a "girls" night out! I got myself kinda dressed up (did my hair but wore jeans and comfy tshirt) and snapped a few pictures before she came because I felt "that" good, you know what I mean right?

I have been looking forward to getting out for quite some time and it was nice to just get out and have grown up conversation without little voices butting in and to eat food that someone else didn't want to help me eat.

Chrissie took me to Northern Lights cinema and grill. It was my first time going there and we saw "This means War" with Reese Witherspoon. The movie was hilarious and the avocado bacon burger I had while watching it was AMAZING! Not only can Northern Lights show a good movie but the food is great too. And because we went to a later showing there were no kids because after a certain time they start serving booze and then you have to be at least 21 to see a movie there.

It was a great night and the best girls night out I have had in a long time. While I was gone William and Chrissie's "Guys" helped William corral the kiddo's and played some video games and a movie too. It was a great and much needed girl time - even if it wasn't for that long it was still rejuvenating.

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