Thursday, July 19, 2012

{POS: take two}

So it's another week to be linked up to Rachele's "Proud of my size". I am loving it and feel AMAZING everytime I step in front of the camera while hubby takes my pictures. I am learning how to pose myself, it's so easy to pose other people but not so much when I can't see what I look like until I go back thru the images.

I am trying to forget about what others think and focus on how I feel about me and focus on what makes me feel good. Everytime I focus on my own happiness, others notice it too. I love it when my oldest daughter tells me how pretty I look and it's not just because of what I wear but how I feel about myself too.
black cami, pants, belt,  sweater and hat: lane bryant
purple top: old navy online
shoes: thrifted
prescription sunglasses: eyemart express 



  1. I'm with Jennifer, I LOVE THOSE SHOES TOO! You found them at a thrift store??!?! I wish I had your luck! They are too cute. I also love that hat. I'm on a bit of a mission to find a hat that looks good on me.


  2. I did find them at a local thrift store...I actually have found several shoes from thrift stores. I want to wear more hats in my life too...I am thinking of buying a floppy hat next but not sure yet.


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