Wednesday, July 18, 2012

{In-law visit: part one}

Part One: Cherries

William's sister and mother came to visit in June and between me and my sister in law there were 8 kids total. Ages ranging from 13 all the way down to 1.

All the kids loved playing outside and enjoyed picking and eating cherries from the cherry tree. Once the kids knew I would make cherry cobbler for them they started picking cherries so I could make one for dessert.

needless to say each kid had a grocery bag full of cherries. plenty to make a cherry cobbler and more then enough to last the whole of their visit.

William, his mom and sister were inside enjoying the cool of the air conditioner and William shared his favorite device, his galaxy tab, with them and his mom shared her kindle. It really was a great visit.

Myrna and Ceasar had a miscommunication about who was to get the bone...she thought she should have it and tease Ceasar and he thought he needed it because HE IS THE DOG! Sam even tried to help but after she was bored with the bone he did eventually get it back.

Sam loves playing games on the psp and after picking cherries he pulled it out and started to play some interesting game in the shade of the fence.

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