Thursday, July 26, 2012


I got ready for lunch with my mom and aunt and felt the need to take a few pictures of what I was wearing before my mom got to our place. of course she got there just as we were finishing up and I told her she had to get in the last few too!

I am so glad she lives alot closer now. I have missed her and my dad for some time and I am glad I get to see them more often!!

We went to the new Texas Roadhouse in Nampa and it was delish! the food was good and the staff there was super nice and spunky. Defiantly going back for sure!!

shirt: Thrifted
black tank top: old navy
pants: lane bryant
shoes: thrifted
headband: vintage necklace
glasses: eyemart express

I turned this into a headband by adding a bit of cord to it so I could wear it like a is originally a choker.

before our meal came

after our meal came - too much food thus the boxes!

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