Thursday, July 26, 2012

{POS: take three}

So this is my third week of doing the "Proud of my size" link-up with Rachele at Nearsighted Owl. I am having tons of fun with it too! The skirt I am wearing I absolutely love because it's a basic pencil skirt from the front but once I turn to walk away, WAM fun ruffles hit you!

The shirt and shoes I got for less then $5 total for both at a thrift store. I just love the shoes and they are the only "color" I have really besides the basic brown, black and one pair of grey. They are fun and sassy and I like 'em! I might go searching for more colorful shoes in the future.

I am so glad that Rachele started doing this type of link up because it's really starting to help me put things into perspective and has helped with my self esteem and elevate my moods so I don't become to weighted down in my depression spells. Plus it gets me out in front of the camera more so my kids will know how I looked when I am young-ish. *smile*

glasses: eyemart express
Shirt: thrifted
Skirt: lane bryant
black cami: lane bryant
shoes: thrifted

how cute are these! They look like shoes that some gal in the 40's might wear.


  1. IN LOVE with the shoes and ruffles on the back of the skirt! You get cuter by the week!!!

  2. That skirt is SEXY! You look hot mama! I am so happy that the link up is making a change in how you see your body. Hugs!


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