Saturday, May 31, 2008

{Great New Idea for a Cafe!}

I went to a great little cafe with my hubby yesterday after picking up a little post card about it while I was picking up diapers at Costco. I was intrigued by their idea of letting parents have "adult time" while the kids had their time.

Let me just say - I LOVE IT!! - I actually had a very nice lunch with hubby - without interruption. I must say this was a first for me and him since we started having children - note our oldest is going to turn 7 in June.

Don't think we forgot about the kids - they ate with us too, but when they were done they got to play and William and I had a real conversation that was more then a few words and we didn't get interrupted once! I forgot how much I love talking with my hubby UNINTERRUPTED! Don't get me wrong we talk, but it's always in between "Mommy can I have this or that?" or "Daddy can I play with this or that?" or "Give me attention because I am starving!" (hahaha - like they are ever starved)

I think we are going to make it a once a week affair so we can get back to having a "date night/lunch" again. I love being a mother but I need to remember I am a wife too and in order to be a good mommy I need to be a good wife and have REAL conversations and time with my dear hubby.

Check out this cafe for sure, it's super friendly and has a wonderful atmosphere too. Oh yeah and it's called "Me Too!" I am so glad someone thought of this idea - it was something much needed for me and hubby (and we forgot we even needed it!) - oh and it's not just for Mom/Dad time but for those outings to get together with your girlfriends too and don't want to always go to the park because it's too hot/cold/wet.

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