Friday, May 9, 2008

{We got a CAR!!}

So we went car shopping today - I wasn't looking to find a car but we did. William picked it out - he told me it's my mother's day present - a great car! It's a 2003 Dodge caravan sport and has less then 70,000 miles on it, has a dvd player (love this feature - keeps the kids from fighting with one another - I actually had a peaceful car ride to the store!), CD player and a remote to unlock the doors - not open them but unlock them.'s BLUE! Not a sissy blue but a nice deep blue. I really like the color! I usually don't care about the color but this is such a pretty blue - my images don't do it justice. William really likes the car too. We now have a car payment - but like William said it's better to have a really good vehicle that won't break down soon then to have a car that will crap out on us in a few years. Plus it will help build our credit! so when we go to buy a house we will be in good shape. Gotta love that.

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