Sunday, May 25, 2008

{Lighting, Thunder and Water}

So yesterday wasn't too bad until all of a sudden it got dark (gloomy, cloudy dark) and lightning struck and thunder boomed and hail and rain poured from the heavens. This went on for some time - I unplugged my computer because I fear that electricity and lighting will fry my computer if I leave it plugged in (irrational fear because it's hooked into a surge protecter, but still I worry).

The lighting and thunder went on for well over an hour or two and shook the whole apartment and the lighting was cracking down so hard and close that it lit up the whole apartment (I turned off all the lights to watch some late night tv by myself). It was bright and bothersome really. The air would tingle with electricity with each and every crack and boom.

I did finally get to sleep after all the ruckus only to be waken this morning to William in a roar because the boys had taken cup fulls of water and had been throwing them at eachother in their room. Water everywhere and apparently William was so caught up in his internet stuff that he didn't notice them throwing water in the livingroom too. I went to sit on the couch and got a watery, soggy butt. Seriously I was not too happy and annoyed. I haven't been feeling well and to see my hard work of keeping the house clean and orderly thrown away to a soggy watery mess of strewn clothes and toys and all soaked in water didn't make me happy at all and to top it off, the boys newly cleaned room was covered in chip crumbs because they got into the chips. Needless to say I had a huge mess to clean is an understatement.

For some reason the kids wouldn't listen at all and my migraine was something fierce and William was in one of his funks and so he stayed in bed for most of the day. Sometimes I really wish I wasn't a mom or wife and only had to worry about me and my health. Believe me I love my family but on days where I can bearly function from the horrific pain in my head. I did take a few of my heavy duty pain pills but I couldn't take what I really needed because it ends up knocking me out and I had to be the "adult" today.

I did get some stuff done today. I still have more stuff to do with my business but I just couldn't stay in front of the computer much today - the light was reaking havoc with my head.

I am feeling better right now and my migraine finally toned down a bit - especially after the kids went to bed for the night. I did watch "The Cider House Rules" tonight. I forgot what a good movie it was. It was nice to just sit and relax and enjoy a good movie.

Now I am watching "Night at the Museum". It's a funny movie with Ben Stiller - gotta love the monkey. I forgot it had Robin William's in it. I am hoping that William will be outta his funk and we can have a nice day before I have my photo session tomorrow evening.

Well I gotta go - Ruth just woke up again - I can already tell I am going to be up and down for most of the night with her.

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