Sunday, May 18, 2008

{Spring Cleaning}

Today has been my big push to rearrange and make the apartment interesting to me again. I have been rearranging furniture for the better part of the morning and part of last night. I just wanted it to be different - since we are going to be staying here longer then we had planned. I wanted to make the apartment a bit more inviting for me. I mean it was fine before - but I want to rid myself of clutter and help my antenna get better reception (ya know so we can watch our tv shows in HD instead of just analog lol) and help so I could open more windows without fear of the kids falling thru the screens. Plus what's the fun in cleaning if you can't make a bigger mess then what was originally

Besides that we got a train table and needed to make room for it - because I wanted all the kids to be able to play with it and since the boys are constantly kicking Ruth out of their room. I already had to move her toys out to ensure no fights between her and the boys. They still fight but not over toys.

I actually got a lot done. I still have papers and toys that were under the furniture to pick up and then vacuum but I think it's looking rather good. I have it set up so the kids have their own little movie center and Ruth has her own area - It's looking pretty good if I do say so myself. Even William thinks so. He of course is tired but is ok with me moving the furniture around - changing things up a bit. I am even going to rearrange my walls of pictures. When we went over to William's brother's yesterday for a BBQ they gave us a cool painting that has awesome colors. I also want my walls to be more cohesive and not so random with images and because I moved things I have more wall space and need to fill em. You know how I hate bare walls. lol

Anywho I need to get finished and then get ready for my photo session this afternoon. Oh, and guess what! It's cooler today then it was yesterday - YEAH!! I swear I was melting something fierce yesterday. I hate the heat - I am happy when it's anywhere from 65-75 degrees if it's any hotter then I am just miserable. Although 80 degrees with a nice cool breeze is ok too. 95 degrees with no breeze and oober muggy is just miserable for me.

Well enough rambling from me. Hope you all have had a great weekend and are enjoying family and friends!


  1. 95 sounds good to me Arya!

    You may have just given me some incentive here, been thinking about rearranging the living room and throwing stuff out....we have too much stuff!

    thanks !!!

  2. It's always a good idea to purge items you haven't used in a year and probably won't ever use in a year. If you absolutely think you need it then keep it if not chuck it or give to goodwill. With 3 kids who accumulate tons of toys and a hubby who loves to collect stuff I do alot of purging about 3 times during the year. I have to make room for all the new toys and such given at birthdays/holidays, ect. Besides isn't it great to live without clutter? I know I feel more able to breathe when I don't have gobs of stuff clogging areas of my home.


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