Thursday, June 26, 2008

{D&D (aka Dungeons and Dragons)}

So I have gotten myself sucked into William's home brew d&d world along with a few others and I must say I thought I was going to be bored out of my mind and find that I am actually enjoying myself and having a grand ol' time with everyone. William really makes it fun too with his map of his world and he uses sound effects to help make it come alive along with dungeons tiles and miniatures of the creatures he throws at us.

My Character is Marah Blackseed and she is a half-elf druid. She has a black panther named Kit as her animal companion and has raised her since she was just a small babe. Both are well tempered and love nature, but enjoy the close company of others too. Since the Dragons who ruled the land were driven out or killed (depends on who you talk to in the story) Marah has been wandering from town to town trying to find her place.

Right now she is traveling with a small group formed of a Wizard, Rouge and a Ranger. We sure make a merry little band. They boarded a flying ship, where the Rouge decided to strip someone of their clothing in the middle of the night, leaving the poor soul naked. They also found that the cooks food was something to be weary of and that the water wasn't the best around either.

After three days the ship was thrown off course by a nasty storm. The captain had to land the ship to get his bearings because all his instruments were either lost or damaged during the storm.

Her party spied a black ominous tower in the distance and decided to check it out. The Captian warning them that if they didn't return by morning they would leave without us.

The tower was a bit closer then they thought and so far they have battled huge acid spitting spiders, unick vampire things and glowing orbs that shoot lightning at you.

As you can see it's been a fun and exciting filled adventure so far. I can't wait to see what Sunday will bring for them.


Marah & Kit

Our first Game Night

William's Map that he made of his world Southland


So as you can see D&D isn't anything like what I thought and I can see why there is such a following. It's a great game for imaginations to grow and expand and I am just tickled pink to play. I don't know why I resisted so much when William and I got married.

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