Monday, June 30, 2008

{Feeling ill}

I have had this darn migraine for a few days now...I just want it to go away but know it will take a bit for it to leave. This one was bad - the medicine I took for it only made me sick and really the heat just hasn't helped at all. Although today I did get a nice break and cool breeze thru the house and that helped a bit. I can feel it start to leave but whenever the kids don't listen or get into something they are not supposed to it goes right back to throbbing against my skull. Please don't get me wrong, I love my kids and enjoy them very much but when I am not feeling well they seem to know that they can do things they know they shouldn't. Kinda like when the mice play while the cat's away sort of

The VA is still trying to ruin our lives which is causing great alot more un-needed stress that William or I need right now. It's like they want to drive us over the crazy line and into insanity. I just can't wait until we get our insurance thru his military retirement so we can just stop going to the VA all together and see GOOD doctors. The VA has it's own agenda and even though they send out letters and news-press releases about trying to help the veterans really what they want to do is drive them all crazy and ruin their lives with their own agenda's. They have done nothing to help William - all they do is try to push him over a very fine line into insanity and I have HAD ENOUGH of it! It was the VA who wanted to ignore William's aneurysm (it was the military who told us how bad it was an that it needed to be taken care of right away!) and his first SO CALLED doctor acted like William was faking his back pain and leg numbness. If you know William you know he HATES having to use a cane because of all the stares he gets and he HATES not being able to work anymore. William has done nothing but tell them the truth when he could have been like others he knows and lie about what was going on - instead of being treated like he should he is being treated like a loon by the VA. It's just sooo darn frustrating to say the least.

It's late I know and my rant could go on and on when it comes to the VA and it's care. I better stop now because I can feel my blood boil and my head start to throb worse.

A bright spot in my day was watching THE SPIDERWICK CHRONICLES with the kids this afternoon. It was a fun movie full of mythical creatures and magic. The kids just loved it and I enjoyed their delightful sounds of laughter and their jolts when some scary goblin showed it's face. Aaron drew some of the creatures from it in his composition book and colored them. I just love his drawings. He loves doing it and I encourage it. He also loves to write stories and I enjoy having him read them to me.

Well I am going to try and relax and possibly get some sleep - maybe tomorrow I won't have this migraine...ya know I used to get them all the time before I got married and never had one until after I started having's not the kids but I think the balance of my chemicals musta gone outta wack to bring them back on...I should probably find a good doctor once we get our insurance....

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