Sunday, June 29, 2008

{It's been HOT}

It's been super hot and yesterday was the worst so far. Yesterday I helped my mom and dad move the rest of their stuff out of the house and into their new place. The heat made it unbearable and I ended up with a migraine and had to call it quits early.

I still have a migraine today and the kids are cranky today because of the heat. I am hoping to find a local community pool to take them this summer. It should be a nice summer though. I have a few ideas for the water situation and we are going to get our memberships renewed for zoo and children's museum. I know the kids enjoy those places and I do too.

We have been purging our belonging that are still in boxes since William got to feeling better from his surgery. Well not all of it is going but we have gotten rid of 6 boxes of stuff we found we just won't be using anymore but out of those 6 we saved 2 boxes worth of stuff that will probably find a place in our home soon. Goodwill is making out We have gotten rid of lots of clothes that no longer fit the boys or Ruth and stuff that doesn't fit us as well (most of our stuff because it's too big! yeah!!). Lots of shoes have made their way to goodwill too. It has amazed me how much I have kept onto that I hadn't seen in years and how many shoes I had forgotten I had because I couldn't see

I was reading another blog and realized just how hard it is to let go of "things" in our lives and how it hit home for our family. Both William and I have a hard time letting go and since helping my mom move I realized we just don't need all those things. Before reading the other blog I had been on one of my photography forums and one of the posters had posted a link to a news site about a photographer who photographed people all over the world with their homes behind them and all of their worldly possessions surrounding them. While reading the article about these families lives I longed for the simpleness of some of these families lives and modest homes and how their most prized possessions were family and spirituality.

I know I want my home to be de-cluttered and showcase who we are what we believe. It's harder then I thought it would be. But as you can see we have gotten rid of 6 boxes of stuff and loads of clothes that were just taking up space. We really don't need all this stuff but it's amazing how fast it accumulates. Past hobbies, crafts, games and memorabilia seem to take over your life - cluttering up your halls, closets and extra spaces making your home feel cramped and not big enough so you move to a bigger place only to find you need more space after a few more years. Did you know that the storage business is one of the fastest growing business and is a billion dollar business.

We are trying to only keep stuff that we will use or display in our home and what we have found is most important to us is our family images and things that will help our family grow closer together and stronger. It's been an eye opening experience to say the least.

Well I need to go, the kids are taking a nap and I need to get some cleaning done here at the house before the D&D game starts and I have to get rid of this migraine before everyone gets here.

I hope you all stay cool and are enjoying your loved ones.

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  1. Thanks for your note. What was funny about the move was that I really did get rid of a LOT of stuff. And still found I had a lot. Tom, on the other hand, doesn't share my "un-encumbered" philosophy (smile). (Didn't I say that nicely?) I'm proud of you for the reduction in boxes. It's is quite an accomplishment! They say that there are old feelings attached to some belongs, too. And when you are ready to "clean out" stuff, you are also unloading emotional baggage. I LIKE that idea. Good luck with your new situation and project!


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