Wednesday, June 25, 2008

{It's late - So what's new?}

It's late, but it's always late when I get on here and decide to blog anything more then just pictures. But isn't that just how it goes - it's quiet for the time being and I try to take advantage of the quiet and sometimes blogging helps to sort out my thoughts. William thinks it's insane that I blog my life on here for all to see - but really you only get to see what I want you to see of my life. Really if you think about it I could just sort out the best and only blog about the best or only sort out the worst or the mediocre. But really that wouldn't be much fun or helpful to

I know I have been stressed because I have been finding the most mundane things to be hilariously funny. Take for example the commercial for Jack in the Box that talks about gas and a free taco. The part where he talks about gas just being in the ground and it should be free but it's not. I laugh hard to that line every time and really it's not that funny. Or did you see that reality game show called Wipe Out? Well I laughed so hard and long after watching that stupid show because of the people and their stupidity.

Totally off subject, did you notice that the girl in the gum commercial that talks about "a dirty mouth" is a different girl? I did. It drives me nuts, not sure why but it just does. I have been a bit hormonal lately - No I am not pregnant - we are waiting until we get a bigger place before having another one. I just don't know what's going on. But really I do - it's just stress. And of course you all know that because when I am stressed I ramble - well really I ramble all the time but more when I am

Life is chaotic and of course it always will be but it doesn't help that the VA is making it more so. It seems when we finally feel like things are going right and the way they should and start to put our guard down the VA or the Military (but now it's just the VA) pulls some stunt! I won't go into it but because of their crap we will be throwing a huge fit and involving senators and any form of media that will listen. They have got to stop treating the return veterans this way. Seriously if you are going to have a so called doctor see a veteran make sure they are mentally all there! William was NOT in the Viet Nam war - but the IRAQ war...UGH!

Anywho it's late and I better go to sleep - the boys wake up waaay to early. It's going to be hard though because I feel all wound up but not sure why...Did you hear it's going to hit 100 degrees sometime this week. UGH I hate the heat, I wish it would stay nice like it's been the last few days - nice and perfect, slight breeze, beautiful sun light. I was hoping it would last but I guess the summer is finally rearing it's ugly head...(well not ugly but tooo HOT!)

Well anyways, night all. Sorry about the ramble!

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