Wednesday, September 3, 2008

{First Day of School - Take 2}

Today was Sam's first day of school. He was excited until he found out he wasn't going to have his pre-k teacher, Mrs. Hatch, as his kindergarten teacher. As soon as we walked into his new classroom he said "This is not my class and she is not my teacher!" He got mopey and frowny. He is not very good with change and was not happy at all that he was now in Mrs. Scott's class. As you can see in the pictures he was one very unhappy little boy. But before I left I told him I would pick him up and he asked if daddy could pick him up and when I said "sure daddy will pick you up" he got happy and was ok with me leaving.

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  1. Those pics are classic! That is so funny of the one with his teacher. I'm assuming he thought he was going back to his old classroom with his old teacher? Poor guy to find out he has a new teacher. Thanks for your comment. Matt is excited to volunteer for Body Worlds and I'm excited it's here! We went to it last Summer at Omsi, too, and it was amazing! This time they are having a special exhibit of the heart which I am way excited to see since cardiology has been the field I have been in for the last 4 years.


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