Tuesday, September 2, 2008

{First Day of School}

Today was Aaron's first day of school - Sam will start tomorrow. I had to park like 2 blocks away from the school because soooo many parents were taking their kids to their classrooms like me. It was insane and crazy! It didn't help either that the classrooms got a reorganization because of the remodel over the summer. I took a picture of Aaron outside his school, with his teacher and doing his first task of his first day!! He was bummed that he isn't ridding the bus but until things settle down it's mama chauffeur for at least this week.

I know everyone is wondering if we got the place in St. Helens and I have been wondering the same thing - We still haven't heard yet. Believe me I will post ASAP when we find out. My fingers are crossed that we get it. It would mean more room and space for all of us and yes it's farther away from where we are now but it does have a nice small town feel - which I miss. So keep your fingers crossed we get the place. If it's meant to be it will be - right?

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