Wednesday, September 10, 2008

{Why So Rude?!?}

Why do you have to live in your own worlds - thinking life only revolves around you?

Can't you see me walking with my daughter across the parking lot to the store entrance? Don't you know that if you don't stop someone will get hurt?

Why must you go so fast behind me after you see that I am pulling out of my parking space - Don't you know that my children are seated back there and zipping past will injure a child?

Do you not see me in the next lane while you decide to move over while talking on your phone - Can't you hear the honk of my horn? - My husband sits where you wanted to put your vehicle.

The walking man is on and your light is red - don't you see my family crossing the road - must you almost hit us to get to where you want to be a second faster - are you really in such a hurry to harm another to get to where you want to be faster?

Are you blind that you must walk into my husband - almost knocking him down - can't you see his cane? I know you don't know that he is a veteran but he is and can't you respect others enough to not invade their space or say excuse me before pushing past - letting them know your there?

Must you really tell me how to take care of my kids - especially when you left yours in the toy section of the store unattended? If I wanted your opinion I would have asked for it and your only making my situation worse by not letting me parent.

Why must you judge me and my family because we are not perfect? Just because we are not a typical family doesn't mean we are no less important.

Why can't you see that life doesn't revolve around you - it revolves around the sun and others live on this planet too. Open your eyes, can't you see us?

Are we so invisible? SERIOUSLY WHY BE SO RUDE?!?

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