Sunday, September 21, 2008


I know that just recently we decided to stay in our current apartment and ride it out for the next 9 months or so until the kids got out of school for the summer and then move to Idaho. Well, as you know plans change and ours has changed dramatically!

Friday night our downstairs neighbor decided to build a small bonfire in his back yard around midnight. He and a couple of his friends/family members were talking and getting loud and such and were waking up Ruth. (her bed is situated near the window they were under. I went out about 12:45 am and asked that they keep it down they were waking her up. They said ok and I figured things would be fine - I was wrong! My neighbor started yelling so I went out about 1 am and told them to keep it down. HE got nasty, calling me a B****, and swearing left and right. I told him I was going to call the police. He shouted and yelled how I didn't call the police until the police knocked on his door.

It took 3 calls to the police to get him to settle down (I had to call a 3rd time because he was throwing his beer cans on my porch - hitting my sliding glass door). He woke up William - who as you can imagine was not too happy at all! Finally things got taken care of and soon William and Ruth went to bed about 2 am and I didn't get to sleep until around 4 am.

Once we woke up that morning William and I talked and decided that it was time to just move. We really need a change and we are just not happy anymore in Oregon. Rent is too high for what you get and forget about buying a home here - our mortgage would be astronomical.

The reason we chose Idaho: first and foremost it just felt right and rent and housing is way cheaper (to rent a 3 bdrm 2 bath house in oregon will run you $950-$1200 where as in Idaho we could get a 3+ bdrm 2 bath house w/airconditioning fenced yard and a garage for $625-$800 depending on the area). We have family there that we haven't seen in awhile and friends too. I also know my business would do better there as well.

Yes, I know it's fast - but if you really know us you know our major decisions usually happen quickly and usually are implemented within a month. Like when we decided to move to Idaho 6 months after we were married. We made the decision in a day and were moved by the end of the month (which was like 2 weeks). I know we are doing what is right - it feels like the right thing to do and like we are being guided to move forward now.

It's scary too because I don't want to mess with the kids schooling and wanted to wait until the summer but really we don't want to deal with our neighbor who is now acting like a child. He has started banging on his ceiling - our floor - when ever the kids, William or I walk across the floor. It's rather annoying and irritating and is making William and I irritable to say the least.

I know our kids will be ok and will adapt better then me or William but it's still a huge change and alot of work ahead of us. I mean we had already boxed up most of our stuff that we haven't been using but now we are going to box up everything and do it all before the 22nd of October.

It will be a fun adventure to say the least. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

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