Monday, June 30, 2008

{Feeling ill}

I have had this darn migraine for a few days now...I just want it to go away but know it will take a bit for it to leave. This one was bad - the medicine I took for it only made me sick and really the heat just hasn't helped at all. Although today I did get a nice break and cool breeze thru the house and that helped a bit. I can feel it start to leave but whenever the kids don't listen or get into something they are not supposed to it goes right back to throbbing against my skull. Please don't get me wrong, I love my kids and enjoy them very much but when I am not feeling well they seem to know that they can do things they know they shouldn't. Kinda like when the mice play while the cat's away sort of

The VA is still trying to ruin our lives which is causing great alot more un-needed stress that William or I need right now. It's like they want to drive us over the crazy line and into insanity. I just can't wait until we get our insurance thru his military retirement so we can just stop going to the VA all together and see GOOD doctors. The VA has it's own agenda and even though they send out letters and news-press releases about trying to help the veterans really what they want to do is drive them all crazy and ruin their lives with their own agenda's. They have done nothing to help William - all they do is try to push him over a very fine line into insanity and I have HAD ENOUGH of it! It was the VA who wanted to ignore William's aneurysm (it was the military who told us how bad it was an that it needed to be taken care of right away!) and his first SO CALLED doctor acted like William was faking his back pain and leg numbness. If you know William you know he HATES having to use a cane because of all the stares he gets and he HATES not being able to work anymore. William has done nothing but tell them the truth when he could have been like others he knows and lie about what was going on - instead of being treated like he should he is being treated like a loon by the VA. It's just sooo darn frustrating to say the least.

It's late I know and my rant could go on and on when it comes to the VA and it's care. I better stop now because I can feel my blood boil and my head start to throb worse.

A bright spot in my day was watching THE SPIDERWICK CHRONICLES with the kids this afternoon. It was a fun movie full of mythical creatures and magic. The kids just loved it and I enjoyed their delightful sounds of laughter and their jolts when some scary goblin showed it's face. Aaron drew some of the creatures from it in his composition book and colored them. I just love his drawings. He loves doing it and I encourage it. He also loves to write stories and I enjoy having him read them to me.

Well I am going to try and relax and possibly get some sleep - maybe tomorrow I won't have this migraine...ya know I used to get them all the time before I got married and never had one until after I started having's not the kids but I think the balance of my chemicals musta gone outta wack to bring them back on...I should probably find a good doctor once we get our insurance....

Sunday, June 29, 2008

{It's been HOT}

It's been super hot and yesterday was the worst so far. Yesterday I helped my mom and dad move the rest of their stuff out of the house and into their new place. The heat made it unbearable and I ended up with a migraine and had to call it quits early.

I still have a migraine today and the kids are cranky today because of the heat. I am hoping to find a local community pool to take them this summer. It should be a nice summer though. I have a few ideas for the water situation and we are going to get our memberships renewed for zoo and children's museum. I know the kids enjoy those places and I do too.

We have been purging our belonging that are still in boxes since William got to feeling better from his surgery. Well not all of it is going but we have gotten rid of 6 boxes of stuff we found we just won't be using anymore but out of those 6 we saved 2 boxes worth of stuff that will probably find a place in our home soon. Goodwill is making out We have gotten rid of lots of clothes that no longer fit the boys or Ruth and stuff that doesn't fit us as well (most of our stuff because it's too big! yeah!!). Lots of shoes have made their way to goodwill too. It has amazed me how much I have kept onto that I hadn't seen in years and how many shoes I had forgotten I had because I couldn't see

I was reading another blog and realized just how hard it is to let go of "things" in our lives and how it hit home for our family. Both William and I have a hard time letting go and since helping my mom move I realized we just don't need all those things. Before reading the other blog I had been on one of my photography forums and one of the posters had posted a link to a news site about a photographer who photographed people all over the world with their homes behind them and all of their worldly possessions surrounding them. While reading the article about these families lives I longed for the simpleness of some of these families lives and modest homes and how their most prized possessions were family and spirituality.

I know I want my home to be de-cluttered and showcase who we are what we believe. It's harder then I thought it would be. But as you can see we have gotten rid of 6 boxes of stuff and loads of clothes that were just taking up space. We really don't need all this stuff but it's amazing how fast it accumulates. Past hobbies, crafts, games and memorabilia seem to take over your life - cluttering up your halls, closets and extra spaces making your home feel cramped and not big enough so you move to a bigger place only to find you need more space after a few more years. Did you know that the storage business is one of the fastest growing business and is a billion dollar business.

We are trying to only keep stuff that we will use or display in our home and what we have found is most important to us is our family images and things that will help our family grow closer together and stronger. It's been an eye opening experience to say the least.

Well I need to go, the kids are taking a nap and I need to get some cleaning done here at the house before the D&D game starts and I have to get rid of this migraine before everyone gets here.

I hope you all stay cool and are enjoying your loved ones.

Friday, June 27, 2008

{Sneek Peek - Family Session}

This is a beautiful family that I had the opportunity to photograph today. Their little guy was so full of energy and spunk and kept me running all over the place. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

{D&D (aka Dungeons and Dragons)}

So I have gotten myself sucked into William's home brew d&d world along with a few others and I must say I thought I was going to be bored out of my mind and find that I am actually enjoying myself and having a grand ol' time with everyone. William really makes it fun too with his map of his world and he uses sound effects to help make it come alive along with dungeons tiles and miniatures of the creatures he throws at us.

My Character is Marah Blackseed and she is a half-elf druid. She has a black panther named Kit as her animal companion and has raised her since she was just a small babe. Both are well tempered and love nature, but enjoy the close company of others too. Since the Dragons who ruled the land were driven out or killed (depends on who you talk to in the story) Marah has been wandering from town to town trying to find her place.

Right now she is traveling with a small group formed of a Wizard, Rouge and a Ranger. We sure make a merry little band. They boarded a flying ship, where the Rouge decided to strip someone of their clothing in the middle of the night, leaving the poor soul naked. They also found that the cooks food was something to be weary of and that the water wasn't the best around either.

After three days the ship was thrown off course by a nasty storm. The captain had to land the ship to get his bearings because all his instruments were either lost or damaged during the storm.

Her party spied a black ominous tower in the distance and decided to check it out. The Captian warning them that if they didn't return by morning they would leave without us.

The tower was a bit closer then they thought and so far they have battled huge acid spitting spiders, unick vampire things and glowing orbs that shoot lightning at you.

As you can see it's been a fun and exciting filled adventure so far. I can't wait to see what Sunday will bring for them.


Marah & Kit

Our first Game Night

William's Map that he made of his world Southland


So as you can see D&D isn't anything like what I thought and I can see why there is such a following. It's a great game for imaginations to grow and expand and I am just tickled pink to play. I don't know why I resisted so much when William and I got married.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

{This should get you thinking}

{It's late - So what's new?}

It's late, but it's always late when I get on here and decide to blog anything more then just pictures. But isn't that just how it goes - it's quiet for the time being and I try to take advantage of the quiet and sometimes blogging helps to sort out my thoughts. William thinks it's insane that I blog my life on here for all to see - but really you only get to see what I want you to see of my life. Really if you think about it I could just sort out the best and only blog about the best or only sort out the worst or the mediocre. But really that wouldn't be much fun or helpful to

I know I have been stressed because I have been finding the most mundane things to be hilariously funny. Take for example the commercial for Jack in the Box that talks about gas and a free taco. The part where he talks about gas just being in the ground and it should be free but it's not. I laugh hard to that line every time and really it's not that funny. Or did you see that reality game show called Wipe Out? Well I laughed so hard and long after watching that stupid show because of the people and their stupidity.

Totally off subject, did you notice that the girl in the gum commercial that talks about "a dirty mouth" is a different girl? I did. It drives me nuts, not sure why but it just does. I have been a bit hormonal lately - No I am not pregnant - we are waiting until we get a bigger place before having another one. I just don't know what's going on. But really I do - it's just stress. And of course you all know that because when I am stressed I ramble - well really I ramble all the time but more when I am

Life is chaotic and of course it always will be but it doesn't help that the VA is making it more so. It seems when we finally feel like things are going right and the way they should and start to put our guard down the VA or the Military (but now it's just the VA) pulls some stunt! I won't go into it but because of their crap we will be throwing a huge fit and involving senators and any form of media that will listen. They have got to stop treating the return veterans this way. Seriously if you are going to have a so called doctor see a veteran make sure they are mentally all there! William was NOT in the Viet Nam war - but the IRAQ war...UGH!

Anywho it's late and I better go to sleep - the boys wake up waaay to early. It's going to be hard though because I feel all wound up but not sure why...Did you hear it's going to hit 100 degrees sometime this week. UGH I hate the heat, I wish it would stay nice like it's been the last few days - nice and perfect, slight breeze, beautiful sun light. I was hoping it would last but I guess the summer is finally rearing it's ugly head...(well not ugly but tooo HOT!)

Well anyways, night all. Sorry about the ramble!

Monday, June 23, 2008

{The last Week}

These were taken during last week. I know I have been slow in getting them up. I hope you enjoy!

June 19, 2008 @ the park

June 21, 2008 @ Aaron's b-day party:

Aaron had a great day filled with pizza and good friends and family!

These were taken the same day as Aaron's b-day party just later in the day when we stopped by Nana's new apartment to play on the playground.

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