Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I am editing the images from our trip and seeing myself "full body" is so frustrating! I know I gained 30 lbs while preggers with Ruth and I know because of the type of birth control I was on I gained another 30 lbs,(of course didn't know this could happen - now I do). That's 60 pounds over the course of almost 4 years and I know that I can loose it but DARN IT! I am frustrated at just how humungo I look.

I am feeling "fluffy" as the comedian Gabrielle Iglesias would say (added video at end so you can know what the 5 steps of "phat" are). I know I am not at the "Damn!" stage but I have hit a huge wall and it says "YOU ARE FAT and not because your pregnant!" Do you ever have those days or is that a "light bulb moment" as Oprah would say?

I hope I can get back down to what I was when I got married after this baby(ies). At least I won't be going on birth control after this pregnancy - no way! I am getting my tubes tied.

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  1. Sorry about that feeling. It is at least for a good cause, but it still doesn't feel good to feel fluffy.


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