Tuesday, June 16, 2009

{Me over the years}

Ya know, over the years I have always been happy with my weight but during some of the time I thought I was FAT! Seriously, what was I thinking! I look awesome in these pictures (except for the last), and I know I can get back there with a bit of work. I am not feeling as bad as I did earlier today, but I have had my "Wake up call".

Isn't it amazing that during those moments I may have thought at one time or another that I was less then perfect and now seeing myself as I am now and not as I was, I realize that I want to be where I was. I am going to get rid of these pesky 60 lbs and hopefully not gain too much during this pregnancy (I eat pretty healthy and have kept my weight at a plateau - now I just need to start exercising again). Amazing how exercise is the key.

I remember during those earlier years hubby and I did all sorts of active things. Once he got back from Iraq I was at my pre-pregnancy weight and gained my normal 30 lbs and yes the Mirana added weight to me but I think I could have curbed it if I was a bit more active.

Guess I gotta get up off my lazy butt and start walking again! I wonder if I can find a walking buddy or invest in a treadmill that inclines (kinda like that idea better because it's going to get hot super fast here as the surge of summer hits). I will keep everyone posted.

Here I am a few months before I got married to my hubby (in pic w/me): this would be probably November of 1999.


Here I am a year after Aaron was born in 2002 w/my friend Carla, (she was preggers with her first baby).


Here I am a month after having Sam in 2003.


And here I am Now...taken on the trip by my dad w/his camera at the tea party....(trip pics to come soon)


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  1. I think you look super cute! I understand what you mean about weight/body image issues. I think everyone has something they don't like and want to change...but mostly we just need to love ourselfs first no matter what.


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