Saturday, December 19, 2009

{Happy Birthday to me}

Today is my 30th birthday and so far it ROCKS, (with the exception of screaming, fighting kids). I got to sleep in and I got my birthday wish, just look below:

Isn't it awesome!

According to babycenter I am due August 28, 2010 and I am 4 weeks (This seems weird to me because I know I conceived sometime during December 1-6th so really I am only about 2 weeks along, but I was told they add 2 weeks for conception - how does that make any scents?)

I am praying that this go around there is no miscarriage and to ensure that my OB doc has me using a progesterone suppository, (it's supposed to help baby grow in a soft and fuzzy environment and will stop once a heart beat is heard), I hope it helps.

Life is good and the stress is melting away since we moved into our new place. I am loving the space and the quiet. Now if I could just get myself to church sometime, that would be good. If I let it go too long it will be harder to go back. I am just one of those gals who likes change but doesn't like changing wards. I know this is a good move and the people in this ward are great too, it's just hard getting to know new people.

Well going to go clean the sink of the last nights dishes and then start on finishing up my holiday treats that go into my gift boxes. So far my journey into 30 is a good one, nothing scary at all...well maybe leaving the 20's behind for good, but that's ok, I think 30 is going to be more me!


  1. Yay! Happy birthday! What a wonderful present. I hope all goes well this time around. Have a Merry Christmas too!

  2. Oh my gosh! Your pregnant! That is so awesome!!Congratulations!! and Happy Birthday!


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