Sunday, January 24, 2010

{Pregnant? Maybe.}

(taken January 23, 2010)

I took a dollar store pregnancy test yesterday because I was supposed to get my monthly visitor and she never showed. So I thought, "Why not, it's only a dollar and I know it's going to be negative anyways." Obviously, I was wrong, or at least I think I am. I am going to give my visitor until the middle of next week to show and if she doesn't I will take another test to confirm the above test.

Now, I know what your thinking, "it shows 2 lines, your pregnant", but just hear me out. I have put my mind in a state of "being pregnant just isn't going to happen for me again." I gave away my crib to a family in desperate need of one and put all my crib bedding up on craigslist, of course now I won't sell the bedding and I don't feel bad about giving my crib away, it is going to help out a wonderful family who needs it more then I do. I also figured because I just had a miscarriage I wouldn't get pregnant again for a few more months. I mean it did take quite a few to get pregnant again after my miscarriage during the summer. I also am thinking that the dollar store test is defective, look at the squiggly second line.

My other reason for not believing the test is because I had blood work done to test for antibodies & to see if I was pregnant. (both tests came out as negative) But my doctor did say that just because the blood pregnancy test came out negative doesn't mean I wasn't pregnant because you have to be so far along for the blood test to register the hormone levels.

I know I am in denial, but I am taking the vaginal suppositories, just in case. So, I will take another pregnancy test later this week and if it's positive I will set up a time to see an OB and get blood confirmation.

Don't get me wrong, I want to be pregnant but after the last two miscarriages (4 total since I got married, two inbetween my middle & last baby and two within the last six months). I just don't know...I hope it's true & hope it decides to stay but I have some doubts & worries creeping in.

I know most people wouldn't blog about this but it helps me to write it all down and maybe, just maybe someone else will know how I feel & not feel alone in their journey to get pregnant.


  1. Keeping you close in thought Arya! Please keep us posted ... {bigHugs)

  2. I got an early test from winco for my first test... it was more than a dollar but try out the early one because it can detect lower levels of the hormone and it will give you peace of mind to know... and hey maybe 2 is your number... 2 between the last two kids... two now... maybe this one is the real deal! my prayers are with you!

    as for the crib we decided not to even buy one right now.... we are going to get the graco utopia pack and play that has a bassinet and built in changing table with spots for the diapers and wipes and everything and even a built in sun shield, so we can use it at home and when we visit our parents and can even take it to the park. I will decide on the crib later when the baby gets bigger and see but I might not bother they are pretty spendy for something they take so long to grow out of the bassinet and then they grow out of the crib so fast!

  3. Ooh, good luck to you with this whole situation! It really is tricky sometimes and you don't know what to believe (although I took three dollar store pregnancy tests with my 4 year old and they all came back positive). For some reason I thought the dollar store pregnancy tests wouldn't be accurate. Seriously, I wish you the best of luck!


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