Sunday, January 31, 2010


My Step brother & his girlfriend are no longer living with us. Things just were not working out and I am happy with my decision to have them move out.

What was I supposed to do when they weren't doing anything but sleep all day and not looking for work? They were not doing what they said they would do when they moved in with us, (find work, save up some money & get a place of their own - not stay with us indefinitely), I told them to find a new place, I would have given them more time to find a new place but due to their lack of communication and disrespect, they ended up with only one day.

I found out after I told them to go, that this has happened before with others they had stayed with. If I had known that I would never have opened my home to them and brought all their drama and lack of respect into my home. Not only do I feel betrayed by their deceit but annoyed that I didn't see it sooner and that I let my children get attached to them in any form.

I learned a lot from this situation. Which is the point of the journey we call life, right? I learned a lot about members of my family who know about the situation as well.  I am more guarded about who I am going to let be around my family now.  Don't get me wrong I will still love my family but I won't let myself get into this situation again. I will help out my family if they need it but not in the same ways I would have in the past.

The beginning of this year sure started off weird, but its sure been a teaching one. I hope that the rest of the year runs a bit more smoothly and without such a harsh learning curve.

On a positive note I go tomorrow and get my blood work done to confirm if I am or am not pregnant. Still no "Auntie Flow" so I am fairly convinced I am, but will get confirmation results by Tuesday. At least if I am, I have my guestroom back to use as a nursery.


  1. I'm sorry you had to deal with that kind of situation. I have a family member-my lil bro. who is a total lazy butt mooch and has lived with everyone in my family, refused to get a job, mooched and even stolen money from us. He is 25 now, no job longer than 1 month, no apartment, no car, nothing to show for his time. He got a 6 month free ride with us as we tried to help him out. I even bought him cigarettes. Your heart was in the right place, but some people don't need THAT kind of help. They need a kick in the butt.

  2. I'm sorry you had this experience arya, i have been in a similar one too with a family member and their partner which turned out so stressful that i thought of moving out myself.
    The comforting thing is your intentions were very Christlike and that is the good thats come out of this. Its hard when kids are involved though, they dont always understand and definitely dont deserve the pain they end up with. I'm sure you kids will be fine having a wonderful mummy like you to hug them through it.


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