Sunday, January 3, 2010

{Winter Break}

Winter break is coming to a close for the kids, tomorrow they go back to school and depending on the way they behave during the first week back will determine if they get their privileges back, (they lost these privileges writing on the walls, back talking and excessive fighting with one another).

Despite every fight, colored wall & psychotic cat climbing where it didn't belong, I enjoyed the break & enjoyed having the kids home with me. William and I are really starting to think that home schooling will be the best thing for the kids next year, but we will see. For now we are gathering information & looking into what we would need to do.

I am going to miss having the kids at home, it's been a wonderful time of fun, games & lots of family gatherings. Since moving our lives have become less stressed and more relaxed. This was defiantly a good move for us, (now, if I could just get the boxes out of my livingroom!).

I am going to clear out the boxes that came out of the guest room and sort thru them and start putting things where they need to go. I also need to do the same with the boxes in the garage. Really there are not that many boxes, they just take up too much space & clutter my living space...hopefully I can get it all done before February. (that's the plan anyways, a month should be long enough)

At least I have my computer off the kitchen table & on the desk that I found on craigslist. Slowly but surely things are coming together but I really wish I had a clean up "faerie".  Anywho, I need to get the kids lunch & get them to start finishing up the last of their homework before tomorrow.

Sorry for the ramble, but it is my blog and ramblings are what I am good at...right?


  1. ahh i am the clean up faerie but you are too far away

  2. I gave you a blog award! Add it to your blog and pass it on.
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