Friday, July 2, 2010

{Weight Loss Weigh In: Week 18}

This past week has been a bit hard and I am surprised that I have lost anything.  This pregnancy is taking it's toll on my body and I am finding it harder to do much of anything. My ankles swell and ache like crazy if I am up or do anything for more then a few hours and they get worse if I travel anywhere (this includes just going to run a few errands, like getting groceries) and if I do travel anywhere I am exhausted afterwards (even just driving to boise I feel like I have driven 400 miles instead of just 30-40). My vision has been getting a bit blurred and my migraines have been coming on full force at least 4-7 times during the week.

Don't worry I plan on talking with my doc soon and finding out what is going on. My blood glucose levels have been doing good and I am keeping a real good eye on them because now I can't eat some things that I used to but can eat others that I couldn't. It's all a balancing act and I am glad that I am keeping a reign on it.

I have been really watching what I have been putting into my body and watching how much and in what portion sizes I should be eating. So I know I am doing good in that area, but my exercise routine has gone down hill and hasn't been getting done because my body just aches and hurts and if I over do it I end up with braxton hicks contractions. I got them last night and all I had done was take the kids to the bounce house and picked up pet supplies for the month. They lasted about an hour and a half. I spend alot of my time either cleaning or with my feet up to help with the swelling.

So as a recap: my exercise routine is sucky right now, as in not happening BUT my eating is good and healthy and working for me. So at least half of what I am doing is right.

On a side note I know I am showing more and more because while out and about yesterday I got asked several times when I am due and how I am "glowing". It made me feel so good to know that I don't just look fat but am not looking pregnant and it shows!!

Have I mentioned how not only is MJ moving for me on a regular basis but William has felt her just about everyday this past week and Ruth just loves feeling her move and even Aaron wanted to feel her and she moved for him too!!

Below is my progress so far:

Current Weight: 290 pounds

Weight loss: - 1 pounds

Total Weight loss: 15 pounds 

Weight still to lose: 56 pounds to go


  1. You're doing awesome! Every week I am impressed! Sounds like you're getting to that uncomfortable stage. Yuck! I feel for you with your migraines! I get a few a month, and can't imagine several a week. I hope you're able to take something that helps.

  2. Arya!!! I have been following your progress via your blog and am SO excited for you!! This little girl is going to be SO spoiled! Have you picked out a name? I can hardly wait to see her! Take care of yourself and give Ruth a hug from me.


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