Friday, July 23, 2010

{Weight Loss Weigh in: Week 21}

This week has been hard. Not food wise but just physically hard and draining. I ended up going to the hospital (thank you Reina for taking me, as I was in no shape to drive myself) and got hooked up to a lovely IV and was given two bags of saline, a shot of anti-nausea medication and a couple pills to stop the diarrhea.

You see the last doctor's appointment I was told I needed to drink more or else they would have to give me IV fluids (the doc suggested I get it then but I wanted to wait and see if I could hydrate myself - obviously I failed). Well Tuesday I woke up way early in the morning feeling awful - took a bath thinking that it would help - it really didn't so I went back to bed only to wake up an hour earlier barely making it to the bathroom before throwing up, which continued once every 30 min until about 9 am. It was coming so hard and fast that I was in alot of pain and extremely nauseated.

Mind you, tuesday was my the start of my 24th week (6 month mark) and the whole day I am thinking "what a way to celebrate my 6 month mark!".  I called my friend to see if she could drive me in because it was becoming unbearable and showed no signs of stopping.

Once we got to the hospital they sent me up to OB and hooked up to the baby monitors and waited until the doc gave the ok for the IV fluids. You should have heard MJ on the monitors, she hates things on my belly and was kicking so hard it sounded like a freight train from all her thrashing around trying to remove the tight monitors. I had the nicest nurses, although I felt bad for the one who put in my IV. I warned her I could possibly throw up if she "fished" in my hand for a vein - which she didn't - but from the pain of the needle going into a very sad and dehydrated vein and the smell from the alcohol wipes I couldn't help it and was glad to have that blue bag to toss my cookies in. That was the last time I threw up.

After the second bag of saline I was feeling loads better and was able to go home.  The rest of the week seems like a blur of sleeping, eating and just trying to relax and not overdo. I think the only reason I lost anything this week is due to the diarrhea and vomiting - not from any exercise program. I am drinking more and more and trying to drink what I am supposed to be drinking.

This is the first pregnancy where I have had any problems keeping my fluids up. This pregnancy is really wiping me out. Don't get me wrong I like being pregnant and feeling MJ move around but I am not liking the pain from the sciatic nerve, the tiredness, nausea and now I have a slight waddle to my gait as I move. I don't like the severe migraines, swollen feet or how moody I can become due to wacked out hormones. I am glad I won't be going thru this again (unless something happens beyond my control). MJ should be our last.

So there ya go. My week & below is my weight loss. Mind you that I am sure to gain it back because really it's not loss from any sort of exercise but from being too dehydrated to keep anything down. Hope you all have a happy weekend! Stay cool and stay dehydrated!!

Current Weight: 288 pounds

Weight loss/gain: - 2.5 pounds

Total Weight loss: 17 pounds 

Weight still to lose: 51 pounds to go


  1. So sorry to hear that! I never really enjoyed pregnancy, I'll admit, but never had to go through what you did. I really feel for you. Hope next week goes better!

  2. Hey Arya, I am so sorry you were so dehydrated. I'm a glad you have such a good friend in Reina and you got to the hospital and are feeling loads better. Just 3 more months and all this will be a distant memory as you hold MJ in your arms. That is so awesome about the 17 lbs, that is almost a lb a week since you started. Don't be too hard on yourself,,,any progress-is progress.


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