Thursday, January 19, 2012

{first REAL snow}

It is the first real snow of winter, sure there was a splattering of snow that came and went in like 5 minuets last week but this snow stuck, even after it started raining.

I heard the kids squeal with delight as I was waking up about how it was snowing.  It was big fat fluffy flakes that were falling when the kids went to school and it continued to fall until about an hour before picking up the kids and then it turned to rain - that didn't stop the kids from building a snowman when they got home though.

of course hot coco followed and they changed into warm, DRY clothes. as a side note Myrna hated the cold on her hands and didn't care for being out in the cold as much as she thought she would.

front of house at 8:30 am

drive home from dropping off the kids at school

back yard 8:45 am

toby was out for like 2 seconds and hated it but Sorry was fascinated.

Noon - snow still falling and getting thicker on the ground

Kids get home and start to play around 4 pm - it's starting to rain

Myrna's first real experience with snow

See aaron in the back rolling the bottom of the snowman?

right after this Myrna started to cry and came inside where it was warm and dry

The kids snowman turned out great!! as you can see the kids are soaked - praying they don't get sick

but they were so proud of their snowman!

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