Wednesday, January 11, 2012

{Girls New Bed}

I found a great deal on some twin bed frames for the girls room. I pulled them up from a basement by myself and then hauled them up our stairs to the girls room. I am so sore but it was worth it because the new beds don't take up a ton of floor space.

I will recover the headboards during the summer but I just adore the shape of each headboard and the guy said his mom had them since he could remember and he was at least 65. I got them both for fifteen dollars. What a score not only for me but for my girls!

I sold Myrna's crib and decided to forgo the toddler bed and just go head long into a twin bed. Now I just need to get a bed rail for her bed (easy enough to find). The girls are so happy with their new beds and Ruth doesn't miss her daybed frame (which over powered the room and needed to go anyways).

Finally I am making sense of their small shared room and hope to make it more them in the next coming months!!

This was taken the night I set up the beds

the following images were taken the next morning as Ruth was playing Cinderella for Myrna

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