Sunday, January 1, 2012

{Ruth Turned SIX!!!}

I can't believe it! My little girl is now SIX!!! The day before I took down the tree and hung all the fairies above the table - got it all done before the whole family was hit with a case of food poisoning. But Ruth and everyone was feeling well enough to give her a good party the next day - thank goodness.

Ruth was super happy with the turnout but out of all the people we invited only one family showed up and so there were lots of tutu's, wands and wings with no one to wear them...

Ruth had a nice lunch set up for everyone - peanut butter and jelly flowers, yummy cookies and tea, peppermint coco or apple cider to drink followed by a pretty cake decorated by her and then crafting of fairies afterwards!

It turned out quite well and all the kids had tons of fun!! Ruth was sooo happy!!

The tutu's, wands and wing station in pinks, purples, reds and whites

the table scape

teacup fairies hung with care

all the girls in their fairy costumes!

casia helping Ruth read the card from her family.

there were loads of shirts hiding in her you could color and another with a pug

She got the dollie she wanted which made her sooo happy

she quickly changed her shirt to this one because it matched her tutu!!

plus it looks like ceasar in pearls and a bow!

Time to blow out the candles - 6 for her age and one extra for good luck!

poof....all blown out!

These are fairies I made as examples of the craft the girls were to do

Ruth and her clothes pin fairies

Willow and her clothes pin goth fairies

Ariel and her clothes pin fairies!

Aaron made one too but his is a killer zombie

and Aaron is a renegade fairy enforcer!

casia and her clothes pin Mom, sisters and Dad.

My clothes pin gals

Carla's clothes pin people include Me (with big boobs), my son Sam as a super hero and her daughter casia

casia and myrna had so much fun together!

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  1. awesome! I love the black and white stripes on those clothes pins... also, the killer zombie one. HAH!! Happy late birthday to Ruth - A fairy party looks like so much fun! Even Myrna got in on the action - she is growing up way too fast


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