Friday, January 13, 2012

{Weekly Weigh In: Week 2}

Start Weight: 302 lbs
Last Week: 299.5
Loss/Gain: + 1.1 lbs
Current weight: 300.6 lbs

It's been a bad week. I have been stress eating like crazy.  I am just glad that I haven't eaten late at night and I haven't forgotten breakfast which has helped alot in only gaining 1.1 pounds back. I also have been exercising this week - not in a conventional way or even in the way I wanted but I have been burning calories like crazy whenever I can.

I am going to try harder to keep my stress eating down and hope I can choose better foods when I can't resist to stress eat. I am hoping to get out and walk and enjoy this non-winter weather while it lasts.  I am keeping fresh vegi's and fruits on hand and I am going to make an effort to make home cooked meals instead of eating out or ordering in.

I am trying to make lifestyle changes - most I kept from before but I have lost some I had before and need to reassert them back into my life. This is alot harder the second time around but I am going to take it one day at a time, really that's all I can do.

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