Thursday, February 28, 2008

{Scrapes, bruises and all}

So I woke up 5 minuets before the kids were to get down to the bus stop - lovely right? How was I going to get 2 boys - one who was craaaaanky and one who wanted to watch cartoons more then getting ready. I don't know how I managed it but I got them ready and myself too in 4 minuets!! WHOO-HOO, new world record and a minuet to spare too!

Of course, because Sam was super cranky and didn't want to get on the bus I had to physically put him on the bus - my back was already sore from moving furniture down to the dumpster last night and now here I am lifting a 40 pound child up 4 stairs to get him on the bus. I felt bad for the driver who got to hear blood curdling screams all the way to school.

I was able to finish cleaning and moving stuff before the guys came with the boys bunkbed. They came 2 minuets before I was to pick up Sam. I quickly showed them where to put it and then headed down to wait for the bus. Sam was in a way better mood then this morning and it was great! He was excited to see the guys hauling his soon to be new bed into his room. Of course, he wanted to strip down to just his undies - 'cause that's what he does when he gets home, can't keep clothes on him for too long. He of course got upset when I told him he had to wait til after the movers left. As soon as the guys were gone off came the pants, shirt and socks, leaving only his spiderman undies. I just can't seem to keep clothes on these kids for long, I swear when they get older they are going to be nudist or at least underwearists.

Soon Aaron was home and of course I pulled out my camera. It was just such a beautiful warm day today! It feels like spring!! I took a picture of my Goodwill find - it's a cute little "kid" couch that I thought would make a great prop for newborns. I actually used it in my baby session the other day.

I also took some pictures of the kids on the bunkbed because the light in their room was spilling really nice. As you can see Sam is still in his spidy undies. Ruth didn't want Sam touching her and bit him - as you can tell by his "OW-WA" face and Ruth's face is scrunched up in biting mode. Sam and Ruth really were not very cooperative but I still got some nice shots. I hope you all enjoy. I know I had fun taking them even though the kids tried their best to drive me crazy.

I also got a picture of William and his incision is healing nicely. This week has been a bad week for him - mobility wise that is. He got stressed out at his VA appointment and his blood pressure probably rose yesterday and so of course his head started to throb and the pain level rose and he ended up throwing up and I had to use a wheel chair to get him to the car because standing was hurting his head. We see his Neurologist on the 4th so hopefully we can address this issue and see about getting him some physical therapy - but closer to home. The 6 hour round trip drive to and from Madagin is killing me and that doesn't count the hours of waiting and or being seen by a his doctor.

Life is so crazy, but I did find time to get Sam's birthday announcements done and they came in the mail the other day. We are going to pass them out tomorrow in his class. Every one of his classmates will get one - school policy or something - I hope they don't all show up. (sorry but what am I going to do with 14 kids?)

Well it's been a long day - I am going to go watch LOST or something tonight - maybe if all goes well I will get some much needed rest and be in bed by 10pm. Of course I know that's not going to happen - but one can

Oh yeah and did I mention I missed the last step this afternoon and took a bad spill onto hard gravel and cement bruising and cutting up the back of my left hand and right palm and my left knee looks like hamburger - but the good news is that my jeans didn't rip - I am going to buy some more of these babies! Oh yeah, and my boobs helped to cushion the fall so my chest hurts like crazy.

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