Wednesday, February 13, 2008

{Wore Out!}

I am worn out - tired and not feeling like myself. I wish I could just CRASH and sleep forever and a day, I am just so tuckered out. I didn't get the rest I needed while in Washington because I was carpooling the kids back and forth to different places while driving back and forth to the hospital for the first week and then I had to keep the kids from leaving the room in the evenings and early mornings because my kids liked to go into the kitchen and get into the refrigerator and make noise in the playroom during quiet time. I didn't really get much sleep there and I am not getting the needed sleep here at home either with William and the kids competing for my attention and I can't go to sleep until the kids do. If I want to go anywhere I have to take all the kids with me and believe me that's no picnic - 3 kids who won't listen + grabbing everything they see = no fun for me.

Sooooo - here is my POSITIVE PERSPECTIVE to help me see the good stuff cause right now I am only seeing the bad and miserable.


1. I found a great couch to replace the "dumpster find" that the kids distroyed.

2. The couch is being delivered so I don't have to figure out how to get home.

3. Aaron is working on his writing and spelling - sounding out the words and writing them down. He is getting really good at it.

4. William was up more today then he has been the whole time he's been home.

5. The gerbils got a new home yesterday. (new habitrail home that is with tubes galore and lots of space for them to run and play) and that includes a new QUIET wheel!

6. I found a good coupon to get the carpets cleaned - the kids are hard on the carpet - spilling food, dragging mud in and so on.

7. I have a list to organize my home. I have been reading the new book that my swap partner gave me and it's given me some great ideas to help get me going slowly at first and then faster as I get the hang of it! (Thanks Jen!!)

8. Valentine's day is tomorrow and the kids valentines are all printed and all I have to do is finish them by tomorrow for the kids to hand out to their classmates.

9. I did my self portrait a few days ago and I actually like them - but I still want a remote so I don't have to do the self-timer thing.

10. I was able to help out my mom today. She went to the ER and found out she has cellulitus - her face is all swollen and it's an infection in the tissue of her face - she looks all distorted and she is feeling awful. I was glad I could help her out - even if it seemed like a small thing.

11. William let me go to the store without the kids - I wasn't gone long but it was a treat to not have screamy kids clinging to me or pulling stuff off the shelves. It was actually a pleasant trip.

Anyways I need to go put my feet up and get the kids to bed. Night all!

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