Friday, February 8, 2008

{We're HOME!!}

We went to William's doctor's appointment and he gave the ok for us to go home! YEAH!! Although William's nausea started up again and he was throwing up for part of the trip home - I felt so bad for him. He couldn't lay back or he would start to throw up and so he had his head in his hands leaning forward the whole trip home trying to keep from throwing up. When we got home he curled up in our bed and fell asleep. He did wake up a bit ago and had some pizza (ya I know bad food, but he smelled it and wanted some, what am I to do?) He kept it down, which is always a positive (by the way it was chicken, bacon & pineapple w/white sauce not the red so it was easier on the tummy).

I finished up some more photoshop templates today and my sister called and talked to me and I got to talk to one of my dear friends today who lives not to far from me now! Super excited to hang out with her on a regular basis now that we both live so close!

I don't know if I mentioned this but I booked a wedding - just need to finalize the paperwork. I am thinking I may do more then just one this year, I know they are lots of work but I love how happy I make my brides & grooms. I really do love what I do! I have a maternity session scheduled for the 17th - can't wait it should be fun!

I am working on my valentine cards that I will be sending out to friends and family - it's alot harder then I originally thought it would be. I have the kids ones done but now I am working on the card that I will be sending off with the kids valentines. I have too many ideas filling up my head - haha. If I don't hurry I will miss it - maybe I just might buy some generic valentine cards in bulk this year and not worry about it. It would save me lots of time and STRESS lol.

I hope I get some more seniors this year - I want to try and get some edgy senior sessions done this year. Maybe I might work on a special this year for teenagers ages 16-18 years old. Something to think about for sure!

Anywho I better get some shuteye - it's late, but the kids are still awake - I wish they would just sleep already! lol Night all!!

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