Friday, July 4, 2008

{Happy 4th!}

I am trying not to get too stressed out today about our situation with the VA, Military, and other people who are supposed to be helping us but really are only making our lives miserable. Instead I am trying to enjoy today and can't wait to pull out the sparklers for the kids tonight and take lots of pictures to share their delight with you all.

It's actually been a very peaceful day and it's overcast - which is actually quite nice because it's cooler and not muggy like the past few days have been. Sam is playing with the d&d miniatures - building up a castle and creating a small battle of some sort to keep his mind occupied. He has a wonderful imagination and I enjoy seeing him play. Aaron is drawing in his composition book - recreating characters from cartoons or movies that he has seen of late and Ruth is trying to drive the boys crazy by pulling miniatures off the table or help Aaron color his drawings. She can be a little pill at times as well as a sweet angel when she wants to.

William is working on his story line for our d&d game this sunday - my character leveled up during our last game. I am going to make some stuffed chicken (as seen on the Rachel Ray show) and the other couple are going to bring green beans. I am thinking of making a cake to go with it. But that will all depend on the weather because I don't want to turn on the oven if it's too hot outdoors. The stuffed chicken I can make out on the deck using the griddle as my stove. Rachel Ray used regular stuffing to stuff the chicken with but I am going to use a rice mixture with sausage & cranberries (my famous holiday stuffing using rice instead of bread crumbs) I am going to take boneless skinless chicken breast fillets and pound them thin and then add the stuffing and roll the chicken around it using toothpicks to hold it together. (please note that the stuffing is already cooked thru) then I cook the chicken on the griddle making a nice golden outside while creating a nice gravy mixture using chicken stock and spices with a bit of flour to pour over the finished dinner - it gets a nice side of red potatoes as well as green beans and for dessert possibly a nice light white cake with a fruit topping. William likes my cooking and this is an eas recipe that shouldn't take too long to cook.

I was thinking of driving to the store this afternoon but I can only imagine the type of crowds that I would find there today. I guess if I really need anything I will but for now I don't think so. We finally broke down and ordered cable again - at least for the summer months anyways. The cable guy will be here tomorrow to set it all up. William is excited about it - he has missed the sci-fi channel and TNT...I missed the cooking

Have you seen the movie "Spiderwick Chronicles"? If not I think you and your family would enjoy it. I know mine did. It was full of mythical creatures and adventure.

I also finally saw the series "Firefly" with William - I had been putting it off and decided it was finally time to see it. I thought I wouldn't like it but I was wrong! It was really good and the movie called "Serenity" was a wrap up of the series. Not sure why the series didn't last long - I think it would have made it longer. If you get a chance, check it out.

Sorry about the ramble. I am just a bit scatter brained today. Now I better go and fix lunch. I think I am going to make turkey sandwiches with onion, tomato and lettuce, with a nice side of yogurt and fresh lemonade with ice to drink.

I hope you all have a great 4th. Be safe and try not to burn yourselves. I am going to enjoy friends and family today and make sure the kids don't burn themselves with the sparklers.

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  1. Happy 4th! I tried to get Mom to go down to watch the fireworks last night, but it was a no go. I was just going to park the car near the point and watch from there. But, like I said, it wasn't happening. The fog had rolled in (which would have made a cool effect) but I had worked and just pooped out. We listened to the fireworks. Aging sucks. You asked about the 76 station - it's down by the flea market, sount end of town. used to be a Texaco. Chevron is down on the north end. He rapes the town in gas prices, so I never buy there.

    Hope you have a safe and fun 4th!


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