Thursday, October 2, 2008


Packing is such a pain in the rear end!! I am glad we had already had alot of stuff packed from when we did our de-clutter for the move we were planning for the home in St. Helens (which fell thru).

We went to the box company in Albany yesterday and picked up more boxes and paper to wrap our breakables in. I took all our pictures down off the walls today and I am feeling out of sorts because of it. But it had to be done and I know it, but it never feels like home once the pictures are down and packed away.

It's only 8 more days until we move. If you all remember I was planning on driving down to Idaho in the Van w/ the family and then fly back to get the Uhaul and drive it to Idaho. Well my mom just made a huge stress lift off my shoulders by saying she would drive the Uhaul and I would fly her back. Saves me time and stress of doing it all myself and won't cost anymore. How cool is that!

I have been searching for homes to rent in Nampa/Caldwell area w/ the help of my dear friend Carla and 2 realestate websites and of course Craigslist. I am super excited and can't wait to get there and actually see some of these places. Should be fun. The kids are excited about the move and Aaron asks me everyday if today is the day we are moving.

Anywho I better get back to packing - I want to get more packed before the boys get home from school.

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