Monday, February 1, 2010


My blogger friend, Debbie, put out a challenge on her blog to blog everyday during the month of February. I decided it was a good challenge and needed to do the same. So, here I am blogging....I hope it doesn't get to boring for you.

Today I went to get a more indepth blood test done to find out if I really am pregnant or just super late getting "Auntie Flow's" visit. I decided to buy and pee on a  fancy digital "clear blue" pregnancy test this afternoon. It said "NOT PREGNANT".

I find out my blood results tomorrow, hopefully that will clear things up for me. I just want to know one way or another if I am or am not pregnant. I hate the not knowing! I have never had such conflicting results. I mean my body is telling me "Hey, your pregnant - nausea and all" but the pee tests say "Hell YES, wait HELL NO,  your not pregnant! Geez, get a life already!" Yes, I am crazy and insane and I DO hear voices!

At least this will be all cleared up tomorrow... I hope!


  1. aww thanks for playing along! i look foward to checking in every day and peeking into your world :)

    good luck with your pg test too...i am praying for you. i know it is frustrating not knowing for sure, it took a few tests to confirm that charley was on his way!

    debs xx

  2. they should make a test that says "hell YES!!!" I would buy that one in a second.

    good luck. I am going to try the blogging every day thing too, although there's not too much to blog about this week. We shall see.


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