Wednesday, June 16, 2010

{It's a......}

Today I had my anatomy ultrasound. Everything looked good and jellybean is right on track and measured as 19 weeks 1 day (exactly what it should be!!).  I was super excited that everything looked good and that jellybean is growing and is right on track. It was great assurance and made most of my worries fade into the background. The ultrasound tech was super nice!

I even got to find out what we are having. I asked the ultrasound tech if there were any boy parts or if it was all girl and she said "It's all GIRL!!" So from now on I will be referring to my little girl as "MJ" because of the name I already have picked out for her, (I also have a name picked out if it was a boy and it's initials would be "ET").

I told Ruth and the boys when I got home and they were all super excited. Ruth especially, well and me too!! I am super giddy with excitement!

But just in case I will have a boy outfit ready if for some reason the boy parts were hiding and MJ turns out to be an ET.



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