Friday, June 4, 2010

{Weight Loss Weigh In: Week 14}

This week has been very boring. I have been trying out new recipe's, having fun with the kids and I got a tooth pulled this week. I haven't really been exercising either - which isn't a good thing.

This week I added six new recipes to my menu for dinners. Of course I have only made one of them and tonight will be another.  This week I made Southern Chicken Dumplings. It was really tasty and super easy and was made in my crockpot. I found the recipe on Gooseberry Patch's facebook note page, (I just adore their books).

Tonight I am going to be making Tropical Chicken stir fry for our game night and tomorrow I will be making Bacon Wrapped Burgers for the other game get together. I have found lots of recipe's online and if you check out the various blogs I follow you will see some awesome bloggers who have some of the greatest recipes, (just look under "Foodies" or under "Blogs I follow").

I am hoping to get back on track this next week, on the upside my glucose levels (according to my meter) have been really good. I have been watching what I eat and my portion sizes and I know that has really been helping my levels.

This week I gained TWO pounds. I know, I know, I am pregnant and I am supposed to gain a little bit of weight but I am not sure if the weight gain is due to baby or my lack of energy and non-exercise this week. Either way I am going to get my butt in gear and keep up with what I am supposed to be doing!

So below is my progress or lack there of. I really feel like I let myself and baby down this week. I hope to make up for it this next week and get back on track. If I was doing what I am supposed to be doing I wouldn't feel so guilty for gaining weight, but this week I didn't and so I do feel awful.

This next week will be better, I just know it!

Current Weight: 293 pounds

Weight loss: + 2 pounds

Total Weight loss: 12 pounds 

Weight still to lose: 59 pounds to go

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