Tuesday, July 26, 2011

{Back at Sissy's House}

We chatted and hung out until my brother and law got home with pizza's for dinner. Before we ate though Ruth asked if she could go into the pool since she brought her swim suit with her and of course it was a great Idea!

While the food was cooking in the oven we all headed out to hit the pool. Dad (Barry) and Tanis stayed up on the patio (Tanis took most of the pool pictures so my camera wouldn't get wet) while we were in the water. It was sooo refreshing and so much fun!

Soon though it was time for the guys to head back home and then it was just us and my sister. We just chilled and enjoyed one another's company!

While Ruth and Dad (Barry) were watching a princess show Tanis, Isaiah and I took little Noah upstairs for his photo session...post to come later...

Grandpa Barry holding his newest grandbaby

I look hideous but MJ looks BEAUTIFUL!


  1. I love the picture of the little mermaid with her daddy (I assume) in the pool, both of them have such nices smiles and with kids you can never catch one at the right moment! Beautiful baby too...

    Just Hide the Dishes in the Dryer

  2. Beautiful water pictures! Funny how your girls just love Robbie's brother Jason. Of course if he is anything like his brother, they have good reason to like him. Love you sweetling...

  3. Hi Jen, Actually she's with her uncle. Daddy stayed home with the boys this time while I took the girls with me to visit my sister.

    Love you too mom! ruth just had Jason wrapped around her finger, it was quite funny, although the last time he saw Ruth she was about MJ's age now...lol

  4. Hi! You have an adorable family... so happy I'm one of the blogs you stalk! Following you back...

    Orangies Attic


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